Prof. Dr. Muhammad Aziz MBBS, M.Phil (Anatomy)
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Dissection Hall

A spacious, well equipped dissection hall, in which 10 dissection tables have been placed to accommodate 100 students. Facilities of multi-media, dissection films projection area and illustration charts have been provided in the hall. About 100 Specimens of dissected parts of body are placed in the dissection hall. Well established bone bank with human and artificial skeletons is also available.


Mortuary with the capacity to accommodate 8 dead bodies at one time is integral part of the dissection hall. A high efficiency chiller has been installed in mortuary for its appropriate functioning..

Anatomy Museum and Model Room

A hall is furnished exclusively as Anatomy Museum and Model room. It contains approximately 200 models, learning resource, center lab with technical CD bank, illustrated charts and multimedia facilities.

Histology Lab

Histology Lab is equipped with:-

  • One digital microscope with camera.
  • 35- microscopes.
  • 1000 histological slides
  • Multimedia facility.
  • Models
  • Illustration charts
  • Demonstration area
  • Departmental library and computer lab